On 15 March 2018, the world will come together to celebrate New Balance's 574 in its most iconic form - grey. First released 30 years ago, in 1988, the 574 has been crafted over time. Unaffected by trends, it represents the classic running silhouette – a timeless, utilitarian design whose legacy spans generations, revitalized by New Balance's independent spirit within each era.


To mark the launch of the iconic 574 Classic Grey, New Balance presents Grey Day 15.03, an exhibition that pays tribute to New Balance's heritage and spirit, showcases the brand's innovation and unveils four collaborations that celebrate the notion of individuality through true independents.

Come join us from 17 March to 18 March 2018. Explore a visual timeline of the brand's story from its beginnings in 1906 to the present day's innovation in technology and design. Feast your eyes on celebrated artworks and enjoy exclusive access to specially curated products. Most of all, experience the transcendent nature of grey and celebrate the legacy of the iconic 574.

Miaja Gallery
190 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229857
17-18 March | 11:00-19:00


Swag for grabs – a pair of 574 Classic + New Balance Tote Bag

Here's how you can score a set:

  1. Snap a photo in grey at the exhibition
  2. Post it onto your Facebook or Instagram page and mention #NBGreyDay #NewBalanceSG
  3. Set your account and post public

Contest ends 25 March.

2 winners each from Facebook and Instagram will be announced on 28 March.


Discover the timeless heritage of the New Balance brand as interpreted by four local artists and creatives. Showcasing the spirit of independence, they build a conversation between the brand's emblematic 'N ' and the colour grey in direct dialogue with their imaginative and ingenious art forms.

Get exclusive #NBGreyDay merchandise designed by our collaborators.


Koh Dawn

Paper Sculptor

Specialising in handcrafted paper floral designs, Ektory's founder, Koh Dawn, is inspired by her love for fashion and art to create memories.

Nature V.S Nurture
Experimental and curious, Dawn believes in embracing nature to nurture. The theme to her artwork, the Prunus Mume flower blossoms only in winter, against nature's harshest elements. Shaped like arteries of the human heart, the aesthetic qualities of the trunks symbolises nature whilst the blossoming of flower symbolises nurture. The tenacity and determination which the flower embodies is a reflection of New Balance's spirit of being fearlessly independent demonstrated through the handcrafted plant growing on concrete, against all odds.

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Kelly Limerick

Crochet Artist

Kelly often challenges herself to explore a new technique with every project, breathing life into each unique piece of art she creates. She draws inspiration from abstract images in her head, to produce visually stunning crafts and unique design to every artwork she forges.

M O _ S T E R M A _ D A L A
Kelly conceptualises the New Balance's iconic 'N ' as a centrepiece stretching outwards into a mandala of monster parts, taking on a modern twist to the classic symbol. Staying true to her unique style, she utilises the traditional crochet technique to stitch various 'monster' parts onto the art's mandala.

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Tell Your Children

Art Collective

Making waves since 2014, Tell Your Children is a collective of four talented creatives – Deon, Lydia, Kevin, and Russell. Previously specialising in mural paintings and digital illustrations, this would be their first foray into sculptural work.

Nervy's Nook
"Fearlessly Independent" is a way of life, and a constant reminder to move forward despite uncertainty and doubt. Tell Your Children envisions the iconic 'N ' emblem as a life-size character who embraces the attitude to live a fearlessly independent life. The character's story unfolds through the curated exhibition of items around it, transcending the boundaries between visual art and narrative.

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Content Creator

A colour "without colour" is one of the literal descriptions of grey. It is somewhat ironic then that - metaphorically speaking - you often find the most colourful characters within that strange-yet-intriguing grey area of life. People doing things that they weren't supposed to or just doing things differently that you can't exactly put into a category or control. You might even question if what they are doing is considered right or wrong.

To celebrate New Balance Grey Day, Southeast Asian style and culture platform, Streething, presents the "15.03" photo exhibition. They will be showcasing 18 (15 + 3) portraits of stylish creatives, entrepreneurs and personalities that are all doing things in their own unique way.

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