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Men's Classic Sneakers

99H, White with Mint Cream 99H, Black with Fiji


520 70s Running, Incense with Nimbus Cloud 520 70s Running, Outerspace with White

520 70s Running

574, Grey


574 Legacy of Grey, Steel with Grey 574 Legacy of Grey, Grey

574 Legacy of Grey

574 Retro Surf, Hemp with Incense 574 Retro Surf, Gunmetal with Steel 574 Retro Surf, Navy with Vintage Indigo

574 Retro Surf

Men's Sport Style Sneakers

247 Classic, Steel 247 Classic, Black with Grey 247 Classic, White with Pigment 247 Classic, Pigment with White

247 Classic

247 Classic, Navy with White 247 Classic, Black with White 247 Classic, White with Grey & Navy

247 Classic

247 Decon, Black 247 Decon, White 247 Decon, Steel with Pigment 247 Decon, Pigment with Cerise 247 Decon, Cerise with Steel

247 Decon

247 LFC, Red with White

247 LFC

247 Luxe, Moonbeam with Tan 247 Luxe, Tan with White & Black 247 Luxe, Black with White & Tan

247 Luxe

247 Tournament, White

247 Tournament

574 Sport, Black 574 Sport, North Sea

574 Sport

574 Sport Decon, Incense with Tan 574 Sport Decon, Military Foliage Green with Covert 574 Sport Decon, Castlerock with Pewter

574 Sport Decon

574 Sport Leather, Atlantic with White 574 Sport Leather, Steel 574 Sport Leather, White

574 Sport Leather

574 Sport, Castlerock with Black 574 Sport, Navy with Black 574 Sport, Nimbus Cloud with Black

574 Sport

574 Sport, Dusted Peach 574 Sport, Arctic Fox 574 Sport, Black with Dusted Peach

574 Sport

574 Sport, Team Away Grey with Nimbus Cloud

574 Sport

574 Sport Tournament, White with Flame

574 Sport Tournament

Limited Edt x New Balance 574 Sport, Black with Red

Limited Edt x 574 Sport

Slip-On 574 Sport Decon, Black with Silver Slip-On 574 Sport Decon, Castlerock with White Slip-On 574 Sport Decon, Pigment with White

Slip-On 574 Sport Decon

X-90, Grey X-90, White with Blue


Men's Court Classics

Men's Made in USA & UK Sneakers

576 Made in UK x Paul Smith, Black with White

576 Made in UK x Paul Smith

576 Made in UK, Navy with Grey 576 Made in UK, Grey with Navy

576 Made in UK

990 Made in US, Covert 990 Made in US, North Sea

990 Made in US

990 Made in US, Magnet with Silver Mink

990 Made in US

990v2 Made in US, Angora with White & Black

990v2 Made in US

990v4 New Balance, Black with Silver 990v4 New Balance, Grey with Castlerock

990v4 New Balance

991 Made in UK, Dark Grey with Grey & White

991 Made in UK

991.9 Made in UK, Black with Olive

991.9 Made in UK

1991 Made in UK, Dark Grey with Grey & White

1991 Made in UK

1400 Made in US, Marblehead with Reflection

1400 Made in US

Classic & Casual Men's Sneakers

Every pair of vintage-inspired men's shoes in our lifestyle line has a performance legacy that helped it earn classic status. From limited releases to updated basics, new colors and styles are constantly added. If you have a passion for stylish collecting men's sneakers, you'll want to keep this page bookmarked.